Knowledge and research

From idea to market

We counsel on development, innovation and research projects, in the process from idea to market. Our team makes sure to connect the project actors with relevant partners from the EUE organization and network. We contribute with knowledge and development through our innovation and funding pilots, education and strategic partnerships.

Our network consist of research and knowledge institutions, who are able and ready to be involved in projects when relevant. 

Knowledge and competence

  On energy, climate and the environmenT


We further competency development and knowledge sharing within the fields of energy, climate and environment. We contribute with a project-relevant knowledge base through our Task Force, collaborative partners, courses and the funding pilot-course.

Our teams' competency frames are expanding as they work on EUE-involved projects.

We contribute with:
  • Project assesment
  • Project management
  • Skill level increasement
  • Business plan generation
  • Business development
  • Strategy planning
  • Networking
  • Fundraising

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